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The number of medical cannabis patients in Australia is at an inflection point and continues to rise rapidly. This evolution has been driven by patients, with 36% asking their doctor about cannabis therapies. We have created the Cannabis Prescriber Discussions (CPD) virtual roundtable series for doctors, to better understand this new therapy, work together and shape the emerging community. We will launch new sessions every few weeks, featuring a range of expert guest speakers. Hear from Medical Cannabis specialists, as they share their experiences, learnings, and patient case studies, and find out how your patients can benefit from Medical Cannabis.


Thursday, 27th August 2020 @ 7.00PM AEST (60min)

Learn how Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis patients can benefit from Medical Cannabis  

Patient Case Studies Presented by Dr Anjali Didi

Chronic Pain accounts for more than 70% of all Medical Cannabis prescriptions in Australia, making it the number one indication approved by the TGA. Medical cannabis has shown to be complimentary to conventional pain management and in many cases led to a significant reduction in opioid intake. Learn how it can be applied to patients with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Endometriosis.


Benefits from this session:

- Realize the relevance of Medical Cannabis for chronic pain
- Learn about the opioid sparing effect
- Know how to initiate Medical Cannabis with your patients 
- Be aware of relevant considerations when prescribing


Dr Anjali Didi

MBBS. MRCGP. BSc. DFSRH (lon). DipGeriatrics. DipDerm. Lociut. LocSdi.

"The CPD roundtable helped me to understand where medical cannabis fits into our practice."

Dr Anne G. 

"Going in detail through the patient case studies provided me with the confidence to initiate my first patient."

Dr Craig M.

"I realised that I had many misperceptions about Medical Cannabis."

Dr Peter K.

Montu works hand-in-hand with the medical community to help them understand and apply Medical Cannabis within their clinic and network of patients. We support innovative clinic operators to develop a dedicated Medical Cannabis pathway for their patients.


Thursday, 23rd July 2020 @ 7.00PM AEST (60min)

Learn how 100 Australian doctors prescribe Medical Cannabis

Insights From Top Prescribers In Our Network

We have put together insights into the typical characteristics of Medical Cannabis prescribing in Australia from a randomly selected sample of 100 doctors within our network. Find out what doctors prescribe for, why they prescribe Medical Cannabis and what their experience has been so far. Learn about the patient profiles, their treatment regimes and other practical insights.

Benefits from this session:

- Receive insights into the Australian medical

  cannabis prescription landscape
- Learn how leading prescribers select medical cannabis

- Gain understanding of the application process

   and typical treatment regimes

Presented by

Mariam Sener

Medical Liaison | B.Pharm.Hons. 


Thursday, 4th June 2020 @ 7.00PM AEST (60min)

Learn how your Chronic Pain patients can benefit from Medical Cannabis

Presented by Dr Hilda Jessop (MBBS, FRACGP, FRCGP, PGCMedEd)

Chronic Pain is one of the most prevalent conditions, affecting 1 in every 5 Australians. Medical Cannabis can complement existing treatment regimes, where conventional medication is not providing sufficient relief. We will provide practical advice on how to initiate your patients and have invited Dr Hilda Jessop to share insights and the experiences of her Chronic Pain patients.

Benefits from this session:

- Realize the relevance of Medical Cannabis for chronic pain

- Learn about the opioid sparing effect

- Know how to initiate Medical Cannabis with your patients 

- Be aware of relevant considerations when prescribing


Dr Hilda Jessop



Thursday, 30th April 2020 @ 7.00PM AEST (60min)

Learn how to evaluate and prescribe Medical Cannabis for your patients

Presented by Dr Ram Sakkera (MBBS, MD, FRACGP)

Starting into Medical Cannabis can seem complicated and confusing. We will cover the basics to get you started and have invited Dr Ram Sakkera to share his experience in prescribing Medical Cannabis by walking us through patient case studies from his clinic.

Benefits from this session:

- Understand the relevance of Medical Cannabis for your clinic and patients

- Receive an overview of the applicable treatment areas

- Be aware of relevant considerations when prescribing

- Know how to initiate and titrate Medical Cannabis with your patients 



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Disclaimer: Montu is not promoting the use of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis does affect every person differently, due to factors such as size, weight, health, dosage, tolerance and age. Medical cannabis might not work for you, and you might experience side-effects. Information provided by Montu is for educational and informational purposes only. For medical advice, please refer to your doctor. Medical cannabis in Australia is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and details about cannabis as a scheduled drug can be found on their website.

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