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The Montu Observational Study Program

The Montu Observational Study Program (MOBS) is designed to collect real-world data across our growing network of cannabis prescribers to derive robust treatment frameworks. Participating doctors receive the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of medical cannabis treatments, while providing their patients improved access with subsidised products

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Previous Study - Enrolment closed 30th April 2021

Study Overview

This study analyses the impact of medical cannabis treatment on patients with chronic disease, focusing on symptom control, side effects, QOL and reduction in other medications. Data will be collected directly from patients via questionnaires throughout the initial titration phase during the first 4 weeks. 

          Product used for Study

- Circle Balance 1:1 (CBD 10mg/mL, THC 10mg/mL), Cannabis Oil, 30mL
- Patients receive their first bottle free of charge (lasts 3-5 weeks, depending on patient and condition)

          Patient Profile

- 18+ years of age

- Suffers from a chronic disease
- Complies with TGA eligibility criteria

- No cannabis treatment (last 4 weeks)

Enrolment Process

          For Doctors

1. Register on Circuit platform 

2. Enrol patient on Circuit (got to tab "Study")

3. Provide TGA approval and script

         For Patients

1. Complete baseline questionnaire

2. Receive medication

3. Complete follow-up questionnaire

Any questions?

Contact us for a one-on-one conversation with our team. We will help you to identify eligible patients, and guide you through the entire process.