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Guaranteed next day delivery. Free shipping. Australia’s best brands. Leafio is solving medical cannabis distribution.

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Using advanced logistics and supply management tools, Leafio has closed the gap between supplier and pharmacy to ensure deliveries that once took weeks now arrive in 24 hours.

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With 1:1 concierge service, a growing warehouse network and a huge range of Australia’s most trusted brands, Leafio is helping both suppliers and pharmacies do medical cannabis distribution better.

Australia’s fastest growing medical cannabis distribution network

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Leading brands

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Cannabis products

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Partner pharmacies

Innovative solutions, industry experience

Leafio’s pharmacy-first approach is built on deep industry experience and has been designed to maximise speed, reliability and service for both suppliers and pharmacies. Built to solve the problems that Montu faced bringing our own products to market,  Leafio is driving new standards of service and performance in the medical cannabis industry.

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