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Therapeutic Products

Montu is one of the largest suppliers of medicinal cannabis products in the Australian market. Across 6 distinct brands and a rapidly growing range of products, we offer a full suite of high-quality, globally sourced pharmaceutical medicines, from oral oils through to world-class flower strains, vape carts, compounded medications and premium rosin concentrates.

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Montu's patient-first approach prioritises quality, affordability and reliability above all else. Our global network of growers and suppliers ensures that our patients can always count on a consistent supply of their life-changing medicines – whether they’re just starting out or are seeking new treatment options after years of care. 

Setting the standard in cannabis medicine


For every patient

The Montu range caters to everyone from beginners to long-term patients & concession card holders.

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Australia's biggest range

We’re constantly sourcing new strains and formats to reflect the latest prescribing trends.

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Reliable supply

We cultivate strong relationships with growers and producers to ensure consistent supply. 

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If you’re a pharmacist looking to stock our products, visit our distribution arm, Leafio.

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For more information or to see our Product Guide, send us an email below. You can access our CMIs here.

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