Facilitating patient access to medical cannabis

At Montu, we are all about simplifying the process for doctors and patients to access medical cannabis. 


A trusted partner to Australian healthcare professionals

Montu is focused on facilitating wide-spread patient access to medical cannabis. We are a service provider to the medical community, to ensure that medical cannabis is widely available, well understood and integrated into medical practice.  We provide education, access to high-quality products, and personalised service along the entire prescription process. Our team is led by experienced executives with a deep understanding of the medical industry. We work with hundreds of doctors and some of the largest clinic providers in the country, to support healthcare professionals in developing a medical cannabis pathway for their patients and provide the tools needed, as this new market segment unfolds.

Montu Australia is part of Montu Group, a leading medical cannabis company with presence in Europe and Asia-Pacific

Learn how to become a Medical Cannabis prescriber

Medical cannabis patient numbers in Australia are at an inflection point and continue to rise rapidly. We support innovative clinic operators to develop a dedicated medical cannabis pathway across their network of patients and clinics. We offer education sessions and active nationwide support through our clinically trained team of Medical Liaisons. 

Onboard your patient in 3 simple steps

All we need from you are your prescriber details, the patient and prescription details. We will then onboard the patient in our system and manage the dispensing process from hereon.

Confirm patient SAS approval

Once the patient was onboarded and SAS/state approval has been obtained, upload the approval to our system and we will initiate the dispensing process

Join our trusted pharmacy network 

We work together with a nationwide network of pharmacies to accelerate and streamline patient access. Fill out our onboarding form and become a trusted partner. 

Not ready to prescribe yet? Refer to one of our specialists. 

If you have relevant patients, that could benefit from medical cannabis, but you are not yet comfortable to prescribe yourself, use our referral form and we will match your patient with a suitable specialist. 

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