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Building the future of medical cannabis

Montu is Australia’s leading medical cannabis company. We’re using technology to create a better medical cannabis ecosystem for suppliers, practitioners, pharmacies and the patients they serve.
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Award-winning health tech

Montu has been named the fastest growing tech company in Australia in both 2022 and 2023 after achieving revenue growth of more than 9,600% – the first ever back-to-back winner of the Deloitte Tech Fast 50.

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Montu by the numbers

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Medical cannabis clinic

in Australia

Practitioner consults

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every year
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for Alternaleaf

4.7 star

Revenue growth

since 2021

What we do

Montu has built a fully integrated, tech-based ecosystem that touches every part of the patient experience, from the first appointment through to medicine delivery, follow-up care and clinical education. 
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Telehealth clinic

Alternaleaf is Australia’s leading medical cannabis clinic, offering exceptional online care to more than 100,000 patients every year.
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Wholesale distribution

Leafio closes the gap between supplier and pharmacy so deliveries that once took weeks now arrive in 24 hours.
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Pharmacy fulfilment

Montu’s Australia-wide network of partner pharmacies means patients can rely on rapid delivery of their vital medicines.

Market-leading products

Across 6 distinct brands and dozens of medicinal cannabis products, Montu is setting new standards in craft and quality.
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Clinical education

Our SAGED platform helps healthcare professionals understand the latest medical cannabis research and treatment modalities.
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