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Add your voice and help change Australia’s unfair driving laws

Currently, hundreds of thousands of medical cannabis patients across the country risk fines and mandatory loss of licence due to outdated driving laws. 

Patients should not be forced to decide between their freedom of movement and their prescription medication. As a society, we should not be criminalising those using legally prescribed medicine.

The answer is simple: change these discriminatory laws.


Sign the petition in your state and demand that the law be changed so that patients can drive after using medical cannabis, as long as they’re not impaired and have taken their medication in accordance with a valid prescription.

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of medical cannabis patients want to change THC driving laws in their state


worry they'll lose their licence



report worse symptoms because they don't take their prescribed cannabis medication due to a need to drive

Based on more than 6,000 responses to a June 2023 survey of medical cannabis patients.


The science is settled, with decades of in-the-field evidence from around the world showing no justification for a punitive, zero-tolerance approach.  

That’s why we’re advocating for fairer laws that treat medical cannabis like any other prescription medication.

Together we can create a fairer system for the hundreds of thousands of Australians who rely on medical cannabis to feel and live better.

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26th October 2023


2GB Sydney The Two Murrays, 28th October 2023

Sign the petition in your state


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The Victorian government announced it intends to hold a “closed road” trial for medical cannabis patients. While a positive step, this is a delaying tactic that will cause medical cannabis patients needless distress. Sign the petition below to demand action.

New South Wales

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The petition for New South Wales has now closed, and the matter has been brought before Parliament. Thank you for your support. To be notified of any updates, sign up below.


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You are breaking the law in Queensland if you drive with any detectable level of THC in your system - even if you aren't impaired. This petition has now closed, but the Queensland Government is reviewing submissions. View the Queensland petition below.

State Petitons
Petitions coming soon for WA, NT, SA and TAS...

Stay updated with the latest changes and information relevant to your state. Sign up below to stay in the know.

Thank you for your interest in changing the driving laws. We'll email as soon as the petition becomes available to you.

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