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Community Guidelines

Our guidelines have been developed to help us foster a respectful, safe, inclusive, and supportive community.

Sometimes things don’t run smoothly and we understand it can be frustrating. We are committed to reaching a solution quickly and to continuously improve our service.

We ask and expect everyone in our community to follow these guidelines, including employees, patients, prospective patients, suppliers, and pharmacies. 


  • Mutual Respect: We encourage open discussion and are here to listen. Communication should remain respectful. We do not tolerate threatening behaviour, personal attacks, or language that is malicious, abusive, offensive, or misleading.

  • Inclusivity: We are an inclusive community and respect each other's differences. Racism, sexism, or any other discrimination or prejudiced behaviour is not tolerated.

  • Anti-bullying: We expect our community to refrain from trolling, bullying, humiliation, and intimidation.

  • EthicalWe are all responsible for abiding by the law. Any illegal activity will not be tolerated including fraudulent behaviour, defamation, sharing explicit material, and falsifying information.

We will take action when our Community Guidelines are violated and, at times, removal from our community and platform may ensue.

Thank you for helping keep our community a positive space.

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