Apply for treatment

Montu supports you throughout the prescription process

Doctor Consultation

We will help your doctor throughout the prescription process, to evaluate if medical cannabis is right for you. Alternatively we can assist you in finding a suitable specialist from our network.


Once suitability has been confirmed, we will help your doctor to apply for the relevant federal and state approval to start treatment.

Pharmacy Dispensary

Once approved, we will ship your medication to a pharmacy near you to arrange for pick-up.

Introduce us to your doctor to initiate the process

We can help to guide your doctor through the process of prescribing medical cannabis. Our nationwide team of clinically trained medical liaisons have a wealth of experience through our network of active prescribers. If you believe medical cannabis can improve your condition and you are eligible, introduce us to your doctor by providing us with their contact details - we will then initiate the conversation. 

Are you eligible for medical cannabis?

To date more than 40 conditions have been approved for medical cannabis by the TGA, and the list is expanding. The most common conditions include chronic pain, neuropathic pain, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, sleep and eating disorders. However, the TGA does not restrict conditions. To determine your suitability, your personal situation and medical history will have to be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. Medical cannabis is not a first line treatment, and as such other conventional therapies must have been tried, before medical cannabis can be considered. We can help to guide your doctor through these considerations to define if you are eligible.

Already have a referral? We can direct you to a specialist

If your doctor has already agreed to refer you to a medical cannabis specialist, please provide us with your referral form, confirming your medical condition and health summary. We will then connect you with a suitable specialist from our network. Upload the referral form below, or alternatively request our referral form template and provide it to your doctor for completion.

Fast, simple and cost effective

As a service provider to the medical community, we support hundreds of doctors and some of the largest clinic providers in the country to facilitate wide-spread access to medical cannabis. We pride ourselves in simplifying the process for doctors and patients to access medical cannabis. We provide a fast, simple and cost-effective solution. The vast majority of doctors in our network offer access to medical cannabis as part of their regular consultation rates (bulk-billable), which significantly reduces the financial burden for patients and in turn increases access. 

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